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We need a break from politics. So today’s blog comes from our dog Ringo. It’s the first in a series of Doggy Bag restaurant reviews for dogs and their owners.

Sometimes I go out to eat with my people. (Note to Gary: dogs, like divas and big-time CEOs, have “people.” Not “owners.”)

This week, we visited the Char-Grill on Edwards Mill Road in Raleigh. My people have been Char-Grill fans for decades. Back then, Broughton and Saint Mary’s students hung out at the original Hillsborough Street location. Today, happily, there are many locations.

The highlight(s) of my visit were the French fries. They are fat and juicy, even though I tended to end up with the little, crispy dregs. Doggonit!

From the too-small portion I got, the signature char-grilled burgers are top of the line.

(Note: I never get enough to eat. That apparently is a trait of Labs. My mother was a Lab. Papa was a rolling stone. I’m a rescue mutt.)

My people enjoyed what appeared to be excessively large and thick milk shakes. They didn’t share with me – something to do with my digestive system, best I understood the conversation.

The outdoor seating at Char-Grill – a must for us dogs – is adequate. Unlike some fine establishments, there are no water bowls for dogs. And the other diners weren’t interested in sharing their meals with me. Bad people!

But the table height was conducive to foraging for ground scraps.

Ringo’s Rating for Char-Grill on Edwards Mill Road: Three Paws Up.

Only one reason it didn’t get the coveted Four Paws Up: No alcohol. I don’t partake, of course, but when my people do, they stay longer and I get fed more. Also, more people stop to pet me.

That’s all for now, doggy friends. Keep begging! They’ll give in.


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