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The term is new to me, but dog whistles are the oldest thing in Southern politics. This election, like all of them, comes down to race.
In 1950, it was “White People Wake Up…Do you want Negroes working beside you, your wife and daughters in your mills and factories?”
In 1984, it was “I oppose the Martin Luther King holiday. Where do you stand, Jim?”
Today it’s mailers linking Gary Pendleton’s opponent Kim Hanchette to a scary-looking photo of the Rev. William Barber. And Phil Matthews’ supporters criticizing Matt Calabria for supporting UNC’s Department of African and Afro-American Studies when he ran for UNC student body president in 2004.
Same old, same old.
Republicans, as always, will say it’s Democrats who are “playing the race card.” They’ll say it’s racist for Democrats to link Republicans like Thom Tillis to Stand Your Ground laws, President Obama’s impeachment and voter-suppression laws.
Where you come down on this divide pretty much defines where you stand in American politics.
Just like it has ever since the Civil War, it still comes down to race.


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One comment on “Dog Whistles

  1. Anonymous says:

    You would like to make it that, however race is so far from the major issues. Even the so called voter suppression law, being able to prove you are a legal voter, is made up by the democrats. Go back to telling voters that Republicans hate women. There are more women in America than blacks. You are on the right track, lets talk issues…. Problem is you can’t talk issues so hate for blacks, hate for the poor, hate for women, on and on and on. It gets old. Go back to pushing Democrats are the ones for education. Dems back Teachers. Yep they back them down to 47th in the nation. Here’s a good slogan, ” Democrats had control of the state for 103 years out of 107 and look what we did for teachers”. Wait that aint gonna work either.

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