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It’s hard to be an all-star when your team is getting steamrolled every day. Still, a number of Democratic legislators have fought hard, stood their ground and spoken eloquently.
But I’m awarding this coveted honor (the TAP MVP) to the Democrat whose star has risen fastest and farthest this session: Senator Josh Stein of Wake County.
Back in the cold of January, some people were talking about Josh as a candidate for Attorney General. In the heat of July, people are talking about him as a candidate for Governor.
That’s a measure not only of the courage and conviction he has shown through a tough session, but also of the political skills he has – not least of which is a proven ability to do something Democrats badly need: raise money.
I’ve known Josh and watched him closely since he first got active in politics in 1996. He has the two qualities that you don’t always see in one leader: a good heart and a savvy head. He comes from a family that has long fought for justice, fairness and equal rights. He has dedicated his life to public service. He’s smart, stubborn (that’s a compliment) and hard-working.
As the old song says, his future’s so bright he’s gotta wear shades. And he’s a bright ray of hope for Democrats.


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One comment on “Democrats' MVP

  1. dap916 says:

    Okay, great. So the democratic MVP is Josh Stein. Oh…and I see you’ve also identified him as the TAP MVP. Um…so…Berger is the republican MVP but not the TAP MVP then? I get it. Uh, huh. Well, let’s go on.

    You’ve been “watched him closely since he first got active in politics in 1996”. Right. Don’t you mean that you’ve now read what democratic/liberal writers have said about him since he got into politics in 1996? I’d bet that would be a far more true statement.

    And, seems you’re giving him this MVP award because he came from a democratic-leaning family. Yeah, I know you said he has a good heart and savvy head and so forth, but what has he done, exactly, that speaks to that?

    And, who are those: “people are talking about him as a candidate for Governor”. And, just how many people are you talking about and who are they? I mean, I haven’t heard much of Josh Stein until now…but then, hey, I’m a conservative republican so why would I have heard of him, really, huh?

    I ALWAYS get unnerved when I see someone saying they like s politician because he/she “dedicated his life to public service”. That’s a career politician any way you look at it. To me, it sounds like if Stein were to run for Guv and win, it’d only be a stepping stone to bigger and better things for him.

    I know you didn’t have a very large number of people to choose from in this democratic MVP thingy…but, c’mon, if you want to put someone out there as such a thing, at least show what’s they’ve done and how he/she has improved the lives of our citizens. Wouldn’t hurt to show how he’s made North Carolina a better state because of his involvement and actions.

    Thanks, Gary.

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