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Last Thursday a tiny cloud appeared on the horizon, and instead of dissipating, by Friday it was hovering right over Governor Pat McCrory’s head.
If you want to see how Democrats’ morale is fairing, just read Gary’s or Thomas Mills’ commentaries. This week they’re happy folks.
Because last week Governor McCrory said it would be age discrimination to oppose giving two twenty-four year old, former McCrory campaign staffers (who now work for state government) pay raises of $22,500 and $23,000, raising the young men’s salaries to $87,500 and $85,000 respectively.
As soon as the Governor finished speaking that tiny cloud grew darker and emitted a streak of lightning and, as newspapers reported, one of the two young men, who serves as Chief Policy Advisor in the Department of Health and Human Services, had “no educational background or experience in health care policy on his resume.”
Then lightning struck again: WRAL-TV reported that, back in March, the Governor had asked state agencies to freeze pay raises to help cover the state’s Medicaid shortfall but, since then, Secretary Aldona Wos – whose department is home of the billion dollar shortfall – had given out $1.7 in pay raises.
Then lightning struck a third time: The newspapers published a list of former campaign aides for the National Republican Party, the State Republican Party and the California Republican Party – who are now working in the McCrory administration.
By sundown Friday night email chains were flying across the Internet saying when Albert Einstein was 24-years-old he was working in a patent office in Bern – and wasn’t earning $87,500.
The upcoming veto session may be interesting in ways no one anticipated. It’s a safe bet Democrats are about to ask how much a 24-year-old campaign worker knows about Medicaid policy – including neuro-medical treatments, triple disability ADLs, or managing a half-billion dollar IT system.



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