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Hillary Clinton would be cruising to a landslide victory of historic proportions – if it wasn’t for her damn emails.

She had a great convention. She got a great bounce in the polls. She wisely stayed silent while her opponent attacked a Gold Star family, fought with his own party and made people question his mental stability.

Then she went out and started over-answering and over-explaining about her damn emails again. She revived the same old concerns about her truthfulness and trustworthiness that drag her down in the polls.

As a reporter once said about another candidate in another race, she “has the lawyer’s habit of exaggerating to make a valid point.”

Somebody needs to do an intervention. She needs a short, sharp answer, like:

“Email servers weren’t something I knew much about, but I know a lot about them now. I made a mistake, I’m sorry, and I learned my lesson.”

Then she can tell people who want to “lock her up” to zip it up.



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