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Several Democratic friends took issue with my defense of Roy Cooper on the refugee issue. One tweeted, “Absolute bull!” Another sidled up to me at the Y: “I agree with your blog 97 percent of the time, but this….” On Facebook, another posted a line-by-line rebuttal.

Certainly, I take no offense. My reaction is more like Sally Fields: “They read me! They really, really read me!”

Several argued that it’s morally wrong for America to turn its back on refugees fleeing war, death and terror. Some questioned whether Cooper took the right position politically.

That helped me see the gap between us on political strategy. Forty years of political combat taught me that Democratic politicians should reach beyond the party’s base and attract moderate and even some conservative voters.

But one critic essentially said that’s old thinking, that Democrats today must stay true to the party’s base. Like President Obama has done.

I’m thankful for these friends and for their comments, pro and con. I’m also thankful that their hearts are in the right place.

I just hope their political strategy is right. A lot is at stake in 2016.



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