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A frustrated Donald Trump called Jim Comey a no-good liar but, in the next breath said Comey’s testimony proved he hadn’t colluded with the Russians. The words of a liar proved he was innocent, Trump said.

Next Trump’s lawyer said he was filing a legal complaint against Comey for leaking ‘privileged information.’ But Trump, himself, had just told the press the conversation Comey described – in the memo he leaked to a friend – never happened. It was fiction. So how could a conversation that never happened be privileged?

For weeks Trump’s hinted he has a tape of his meeting with Comey – if the tape exists why doesn’t he release it? And prove he was right? And if the tape doesn’t exist, why tweet about it?

The contradictions are piling up.

Trump once said NATO was obsolete then he said it was not obsolete. He said China was a currency manipulator then he said it wasn’t. He said he fired Comey on Jeff Sessions’ recommendation then he said he decided to fire Comey before he received Sessions’ recommendation.

Donald Trump is a hard, strong man. But he’s oddly blind: Can’t he see each time he contradicts himself doubt grows like a virus?


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