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George Bush’s moral standards are as low as his poll ratings. Witness his gay-baiting politics.

Do I sound like a typical carping little liberal?

Well, how about Laura Bush, Dick Cheney and Cheney’s daughter Mary?

Over the past few weeks:

  • Laura Bush called on Republicans not to use the Family Marriage Amendment as an issue;

  • Mary Cheney wrote about her anguish as a gay Republican;

  • She described her father’s reaction when she came out: “You’re my daughter. I love you and I want you to be happy;”

  • Karl Rove – in desperate rescue mode – throws gay-soline onto Christian Right fires.

In other words, the President ignores decent advice from two of the people closest to him to save his political hide.

Who woulda thunk Darth Cheney would be the liberal here.

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4 comments on “Bush makes Cheney Look Good

  1. jstegall says:

    Gary, do you even remember how to make a point? What the hell are you talking about?

  2. Braxton says:

    Okay folks I don’t care who people sleep with. I just hope that person they sleep with expects them to be a good person and makes them a better person.

    Barry Goldwater is giving ME an “Amen” from Heaven.

    There are more ways to be immoral than being gay. Charles Manson and Scott Petterson were absurdly immoral but they can get married.

    ** Gee imagine that! **

    People who cheat on their taxes and spouses can be married and hold office. In fact someone can cheat and their kids can catch them having sex and run out of the room crying. They could slap or even shot the kids and get a jail house wedding.

    ** All to the amazing power of heterosexuality !**

    That cheating couple could be on CNN bragging about how fun it was, sell videotapes, and go get married, but the gay couple behind them can’t get married.

    They leave the room and the next Satanic couple drinking blood during their vows can get married. Does this even begin to make sense?

    I am openly for fairness in marrage!

    Fairness is a core American principle. So is freedom of religion which should also be freedom from religion for adults.

    So until the laws can be made consistent to where more “immoral” people can’t get married, don’t discriminate.

    A goverment marrage certificate is not a certification of morality. Everyday people get married with negligable amount of morality in their interactions with other people.

    Give it to all of good citizens who ask and are making an informed consentual decision. Same for polygamy!

    Churches, of course, have rights that exempt them from performing cerimonies against their teachings and those must be held firm.

    All I am talking about is the courthouse and the actions of civil servants.

    Being gay is only a sliver of who Mary Cheny is. She works hard and she works hard FOR a party that is vastly ungrateful.

    So let me say thank you Mary. I am glad to have your father as Vice President. Thank you for your hard work.

    In the grand sum of all moral actions I am sure you outshine your bastard hypocrite critics.

    Thank you Mary, your heart is noble.. God will sort them (hypocrites) out.

  3. jstegall says:

    A marriage certificate is not, nor has it ever been, a certificate of morality. It is the state’s way of recognizing the practical value to society of traditional marriage, and rewarding (and thus encouraging) same. Whether married people are also immoral or not has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    Gay people already have the same rights as anyone else, including the right to marry someone of the opposite sex. That they don’t want to do that is not my problem.

  4. Braxton says:

    So they should marry someone they don’t love or don’t even want? They should marry someone who repulses them?

    Come on.. get a clue!

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