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Sunday morning I stayed in bed, read the newspapers and watched the morning political shows and when I was done I’d learned two facts: No one in the Democratic political elite, the Republican elite, or the media elite likes Donald Trump. He’s lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut to all of them.

The other hard fact is every Washington elite – from Karl Rove to Donna Brazile – hates the idea of denying Muslims visas.

In a way, that one’s harder to fathom.

Personally, I’m inclined to see eye to eye with Larry Kudlow: We’re at war and it’s time to pull up the drawbridge and secure the castle and if that offends some of our Muslim friends we ought to explain, We’re sorry. We apologize. But you’ve just got to bear with us awhile – we have this little problem to fix with ISIS before you get a visa.

I’ve got my doubts that, down-deep, Donald Trump is going to turn out to be a paragon of conservative values. Once he closes the ‘ Presidential deal’ he’s in hot pursuit of he may turn out to be something else altogether. But you have to give Trump his due: How can any fellow opposed by so many varmints be all wrong?

The sad truth is we’re sorely in need of a ‘Knight on a White Horse’ – but there’s no Sir Galahad in sight. Meantime, as Rome is burning, it’s entertaining to watch the Washington elites savage Donald Trump – and watch Trump rise in the polls as they do.


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