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Trump started his Presidency with a speech that should have surprised no one. It’s what he said from day one.

Then he sent his spokesman to tell a blatant, bald-faced, laughable lie about crowd sizes. “Alternative facts,” the White House explained.

Trump has an obsession with the size of his things.

Then hundreds of thousands of Americans took to the streets to protest. Those crowds were huge even by Trumpian standards. If all those people organize, vote and work, 2018 could be as big a change as 2010.

Here’s the question: Will what worked for Trump the candidate work for Trump the President?

Just as John Kennedy was the perfect President for the new television age, Trump is the perfect President for the Twitter age. He lives inside his own echo chamber. He tweets his every thought. He delights his fans and enrages his foes. His posts are simple, sharp and mean-spirited.

Trump defines himself by two things: the deals he makes and the fights he picks. And he always wins – or so he says.

In the campaign, he picked fights with all 16 Republican opponents – and with the GOP Establishment. One by one, he mocked them and insulted them. And beat them.

Then he did the same with Hillary Clinton.

In his inaugural speech, he picked a fight with all Washington, with both parties and with every politician on the stage behind him.

Ronald Reagan picked a fight with Washington, but only half of Washington: the big-spending, big-government, soft-on-communism liberals and Democrats.

Trump took on all of them, Republicans too, because he’s not really a Republican. He’s our first third-party, independent President. He sees himself as bigger than both parties, bigger than Washington, bigger than the world.

He’s the Twitter President. The Insult President. And the Alternative Facts President.



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