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Thomas Mills at PoliticsNC riled up some Democrats when he questioned the strategy of going after the Koch brothers.
I have the same question. Is this a classic case of chasing the cape and missing the matador?
A national poll this week showed that half of all Americans don’t even know who the Koch brothers are. So why would voters care?
The Kochs are a fixation of the political class. But for most voters, all billionaires look alike, all politics looks crooked, corrupt and controlled by the rich and powerful, and both parties are guilty.
Rather than waste money on this heavy lift, Mills said, Senator Hagan and Democratic super PACs should focus on Thom Tillis:
“…(T)he guilt-by-association strategy seems so obviously flawed that watching the resources go into it is disheartening. In North Carolina, we’ve built a cottage industry attacking Art Pope and wrapping Republican policies and candidates around him. So far, it’s succeeded in getting us the first Republican governor in 20 years and a Republican legislature with veto proof majorities. Now, the Washington Democrats are adopting the model….
“The Democrats have taken a defensive posture with a reactive response. In essence, they’ve ceded the political agenda to the Koch Brothers and the Republicans. They should be attacking GOP policies and candidates, not GOP funders.
“In North Carolina, they are nationalizing the election while ignoring fertile ground in the state. If they need to wrap Thom Tillis around something, wrap him around the legislature. Under his leadership, they’ve cut funding to public schools and universities, limited women’s access to health, tried to disenfranchise minorities and young people and raised taxes on our poorest workers. There are issues that will motivate the base and persuade the middle. Use them.
“And consistently, Tillis has tried to be something that he’s not. When he’s talking to country clubbers, he’s a moderate. When he’s talking to Tea Partiers, he’s a conservative. He says he graduated from the University of Maryland, but he didn’t. He even says in his latest commercial that he was a “partner at IBM,” when IBM is a corporation not a law firm or accounting agency. And he doesn’t even mention serving as speaker of the house. He’s just another phony politician. Expose him, not the Kochs. He’s the one on the ballot.”


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2 comments on “Addicted to Koch

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with a lot of that, Gary. Democrats need to continue to just ignore the nationalizing of the Koch Bros. influence in politics (like the GOP does with George Soros & Co.).

    Now, it’s disingenuous to say that the NC legislature has cut funding to public schools and so forth. They have the largest budget in our state’s history. So, that’s ludicrous…good B.S. political banter, but it’s kind of ridiculous to call GOP politicians liars when you lie yourself, isn’t it?

    Disenfranchising minorities and young people? Oh…you’re talking about voter ID. I see. It’s not disenfranchising minorities and young people for requiring an ID for just about everything in their lives…EXCEPT to vote. Yeah…
    keep pounding that stone, my friend. People don’t buy that crap.

    “Limiting women’s access to health”. Um…like it or not, the truth is that abortion is not “women’s health”. It’s abortion. Now, I’m personally a pro-choicer especially in cases of rape, incest and when the mother’s life is in danger, so we stand on the same side on that particular issue, but nevertheless, women don’t choose abortion because of their health in the VAST majority of cases. Again, it’s just a disingenuous bunch of rhetoric put out there by liberals to get votes from women….nothing more.

    Lastly, I hope you lib/dem/progressives continue to go after Tillis in a huge way. Makes we Brannon supporters ecstatic!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had hoped that awakening would have never happened. Gary you seemed so happy to deamonize those millionairs who put more of their capital up in greed to make even more capital that they created jobs and a higher standard of living for those people who would have suffered in a do gooder socialist exsistance. The Koch brothers, and Art Popes of the world make it so those poor among us can afford microwave ovens, color Televisions, automobiles and many of the other things that make American poor so much better off than the poor of other countries. Thank God for greed. Greed in capitalist America lifts us all, greed in socialist countries only makes you an elite ruler. I had almost forgot that until you reminded me. The Koch brothers who Democrats love to hate have lifted the standard of life for many Texans. Just wish N.C. had more greedy capitalist.

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