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There was a history program on Frontline the other night about the war in Iraq and the first part was about the foibles of George Bush and Dick Cheney but I did learn something new: How General David Petraeus came up with the novel idea of buying off the opposition to the Maliki regime by paying 100,000 Sunnis $400 million in cold hard cash so they’d fight alongside rather than against the Americans.

After that, it was hard to fault Obama for wanting out of Iraq.  
But, it turned out, Obama didn’t fare much better than Bush. Granted, he had the misfortune of being President when the inevitable skedaddle took place but before, during, and after the Marines left Iraq he sounded and looked like a President waiting for a bad play to end so he could skedaddle back to the White House.
Next, after Frontline, the World News came on and it got worse: There in all his glory was Vladimir Putin looking tough as nails followed by Obama sounding articulate (as always) but looking  like a school boy who’d just had the misfortune of running head-on into the meanest bully on the playground.
Failed stimulus plans and Obamacare websites crashing are troubling problems but when you see the President of the United States face to face with a foreign varmint – and the varmint’s the one saying, Go ahead.  Make my day – a deep-seated, bone-crushing anxiety takes root.


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2 comments on “A Weak President?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Reading this piece reminds me of one of my relatives. She has every health problem one can come up with, but for some strange reason all her problems are those that can’t be measured. No High Blood pressure, no high colestoral, no high blood sugar, no all of her problems are of the fibromialgia type. The only way a doctor knows you have the problem is you tell him. Obama is this kind of President all the supporters can say is well he speaks well, he is well liked, he looks good, he on and on, but nothing you can measure. In fact if you look harder than the main street media looks everything you can measure is bad. Another measure is if you don’t do anything, you are sure not to make the wrong move. I guess we can continue to say well the country is going to hell, but our president speaks well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What was really embarrassing for the US was the pictures released by the Russians with Putin petting a lion and Obama petting a poodle. Obama is a joke on the world stage and it is hurting our country.

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