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On Christmas Day an editor at Buzzfeed News contacted Sean Spicer the RNC spokesman and Spicer tweeted back: “When you asked me if that Trump/”new King”/Jesus comparison was intentional: I hope you were kidding.”

It was too late.

A brawl had already broken out on Twitter with a legion of tweeters – like ‘Sentient Space Sushi’ and ‘Not a Babadook’ – roaring about Reince Priebus’s Christmas message, “The GOP is comparing Trump to Jesus and calls Trump our ‘new King.’”

The brawl rolled onto Politico, Raw Story, CNN and Fox News and ‘France4Hillary’ tweeted, Reince Priebus just compared Trump to Jesus. Trump’s only common point with baby Jesus is his tiny hands.

Pouring oil on troubled waters Spicer tweeted, “Christ is the King” – not Trump.

But it hardly mattered.

The nomadic tribe on Twitter – bound together by loathing of Donald Trump – enjoying themselves thoroughly, each trying to outdo the other, tweeted away into the night.

And that tribe had real power: Its loathing sailed down the tentacles of Twitter, CNN, Fox News, Politico, Buzzfeed and the News and Observer to people across the land.


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