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Gary is taking a break from blogging. Here’s one from another Tapster.
When the legislature makes its biennial return to town, our usual tendency is to ridicule the members’ narrow mindedness, laugh at their lack of political sophistication and hold our collective breath that they won’t destroy the state.
The gavel drops again in Raleigh Wednesday. Instead of our usual cynicism and derision, this year we offer a more sincere and – hopefully — meaningful send-off to the members of the General Assembly.
It comes in an excerpt from a prayer offered by a good ole South Carolina preacher at Nikki Haley’s gubernatorial inauguration a few years ago. Its simple eloquence speaks to the wish we all share for our elected leaders:
“We are honored and humbled to stand in honor of a long line of individuals, some of whom are present this day, who with their keen vision, sacrificial effort, sound judgment, and personal passion have served this state and our nation well. Keep our new leaders faithful in the days ahead so that their actions, and ours, may preserve the best of the traditions we have received and expand their benefits to generations yet unborn.”



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One comment on “A Simple Prayer

  1. dap916 says:

    I like the prayer. One thing so great about it is that it is actually presented here as 1) a prayer and 2) presented by a man of God.

    Thanks, Mr. Tapster…whoever you are….for posting that. That kind of prayer would have been very fitting for almost 100 years past when republicans weren’t in power in North Carolina. Maybe somehow it’ll help. I sure hope so because North Carolina is no different than any other state…it most certainly needs “divine guidance”.

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