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The two things that matter most in a political campaign are being right with the Lord and money. Today, candidates in the Republican Primary for Congress in the 13th District filed their year-end FEC reports. They showed total income for each campaign:
George Holding: $462,500. Paul Coble: $135,200.
Now, before I go any further, I should say I’m completely partisan when it comes to George Holding. His father, Robert, was one of the original Jessecrats, his uncle, ‘Snow,’ was Finance Chairman during one of Jesse’s campaigns, and his brother, Robert, handled media in three of Jesse’s campaigns. I’ve known George for nearly 30 years and I’m hard at work on his campaign.
Now, back to the FEC report.
George and Paul Coble both announced last summer.
Their first FEC reports – for the third quarter – showed they had raised:
George Holding: $234,000. Paul Coble: $97,000.
The latest reports show the money they raised in the 4th quarter:
George Holding: $227,700. Paul Coble: $37,300.
During the last quarter, Paul Coble raised $36,600 in individual contributions and $700 he loaned his campaign – George Holding raised $166,200 in individual contributions and $85,000 he loaned his campaign.
It’s not everyday a candidate who’s never run for office raises more money than a candidate who’s been running for nearly 20 years. And it’s a sign.


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