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Mitt Romney’s running an ad that shows Barack Obama saying, If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that, and it sure looks and sounds and smells like the truth but Obama says there’s not a word of truth in it – that Romney edited a piece of video of his speech, took what he said out of context, and made an ad that’s just plain wrong.
And this time, for once, it looks like Obama’s right: He fumbled and stumbled in that speech but when he said the word ‘that’ in the line ‘you didn’t build thatit sure looks like he was talking about roads and bridges and not businesses.
But, when it comes to ads, Obama has his own problems – like the ad he ran that The Washington Post gave “4 Pinocchios.” Which leads to a conundrum: Here we have two accomplished men, both graduates of Harvard, both, no doubt, able to look at an ad and tell if it’s true, and who both, respectively, looked at their ads and told their campaigns, ‘Go on – air it.’


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2 comments on “A Conundrum

  1. dap916 says:

    I’ve seen a huge number of political ads throughout the years. You have too, Carter. How many of them are totally and unquestionably true? 50%? 75%? I’d be amazed if that many. And, these intelligent men (Obama and Romney) are smart enough to know that even if you’re not presenting something that is completely true, all you have to do is to make people believe it is completley true. Very few people that see political ads go out and verify whether or not they’re true. So, I believe most people take them at face value.

  2. Carbine says:

    Carter, have you lost your mind? Go back and read the WHOLE quote, wherein Obama begins by mocking people who “think they are so smart” because they built a business. There is no way anyone with half a grain of sense could have misunderstood Obama’s point–he was attacking entrepreneurs and risk-takers for having succeeded. It was only when the criticisms of his speech began to sting that they looked through the speech to find some words they could use to build the right lie. NO ONE who heard the speech thought it meant what he now claims it did; that interpretation was 100% ex post facto.

    You do a great disservice to yourself by falling for it.

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