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Last Friday, as the smoke cleared after the Republican Convention, with a Mongol Horde of Democratic Super PACs after his hide Donald Trump attacked Ted Cruz instead of Hillary.

Next Wiki-leaks dumped nineteen thousand hacked Democrat Party emails onto the Internet and the Democrats’ dream of a happy convention went up in smoke.

Sunday Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic Party Chairman, announced she would resign after the convention – not before.

And, also on Sunday, Hillary’s campaign manager announced on national television the Russians were behind the Wiki-leaks because Vladimir Putin supports Donald Trump because Trump might not back NATO allies Russia attacks.

Roger Ailes may have been deposed by a bevy of blondes at Fox News but the twenty-four hour news cycle roles on with sound and fury – every fifteen minutes reporters need a new crisis to write about on the Internet, point to, and howl, The world’s on fire. And, if one’s not available, they’ll pour gasoline on whatever’s at hand.

Did Hillary’s campaign manager offer one shred of proof on ABC This Week that Vladimir Putin supports Donald Trump? No. Does Wasserman Schultz’ resignation spell doom for Hillary? Again, No – unfortunately. Is Trump’s umpteenth attack on Ted Cruz a profound development in the Presidential election? No.

But the news monster requires feeding every quarter hour – so we have three new earthshaking crisis on our hands.


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