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He’s the first announced Democratic presidential candidate for 2020. He’s the first to campaign in all of Iowa’s 99 counties. He has an intriguing personal story. He has what hits me as the right message.

And you’ve never heard of him. Because the media hasn’t picked up on him. You read it here first.

He’s John K. Delaney, a balding, 55-year old businessman and, since 2012, Maryland congressman. Quick bio: blue-collar family; Columbia University and Georgetown Law grad; launched and led two NYSE companies by age 40; named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004; the only former CEO of a publicly traded company serving in the U.S. House.

A good friend works with him, so I started following Delaney on Twitter, (@JohnKDelaney). Where Trump uses Twitter to attack, demean and divide, Delaney uses it to talk sensibly, inclusively and optimistically. Here’s what caught my eye:

Trade: “Let’s be honest, Trade/Globalization have been very positive: it’s lifted billions out of poverty, driven innovation, made the world safer & lowered consumer costs. BUT our government FAILED to prepare our citizens for it & allowed TOO MANY to be left behind. THAT IS the problem.”

The Democratic Party: “…needs to be a ‘big tent’ – welcoming liberals, centrists, independents and even non-Trump Republicans. A commonsense agenda from a coalition that can WIN & GOVERN.”

Division: “Today the central question facing the United States is how do we take this divided nation, where American has been pitted against American, and bring us back together. This is the challenge of @TheDemocrats.”

Priorities: “Americans care more about their job, pay, cost of housing, healthcare, education, opportunities for their kids, retirement & security than they do about Mueller, Impeachment, Michael Cohen, Ivanka’s brand, HRC’s emails, progressive vs centrist. Let’s focus on what matters to them!”

“A real governing agenda: Universal healthcare, infrastructure, PreK-14, national service, national AI strategy, sign TPP, new AUMF, carbon pricing, expand EITC, repeal CUnited, end China IP theft, fix VA, end gerrymandering, lower deficit, immigration reform, digital privacy.”

And Trump: “It’s truly dumbfounding that one person, let alone the president of the United States, can be so dishonest so often.”

A middle-aged white entrepreneur – and a guy without great hair – might strike you as an unlikely Democratic nominee. Of course, JFK was unlikely in 1960, Clinton was unlikely in 1992 and Obama was unlikely in 2008. If we’re going to dump Trump, unite America and set a new course in 2020, we might want to look in some unlikely places.


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