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That’s what one TAPster suggests Governor McCrory needs. The question is whether the legislature will perform the procedure.
When the legislature adjourned, the Governor worried that the honorables were dragging down his approval ratings. So he vetoed a couple of bills. That didn’t work out.
Now, GOP legislators worry that the Governor and DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos are dragging down their approval ratings. After all, they face the voters next year. They will have to answer for 24-year-olds getting paid $87,500 while teachers got no raise. And why the chief of staff quit after a month. And why he got $37,227.25 in severance pay. And why the highly touted $210,000-a-year Medicaid director left after eight months.
Legislators will examine the patient on October 8. The Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Services will meet and, WRAL’s Mark Binker reports, “is expecting to hear information on the computer systems, salaries and well as the administration’s Medicaid reform plans.”
Binker wrote a lengthy and insightful primer on Medicaid, which I highly recommend if you (like me) struggle to understand this issue.
One interesting sidelight – beyond all the sexy, headline-grabbing stuff – is the split between McCrory and Republican legislators on whether to hire managed care companies to run Medicaid.
There are big dollars at stake here. As Deep Throat would say, “follow the money.”


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One comment on “Wos-ectomy?

  1. Reaganite says:

    I don’t often agree with you, Gary, but I think you hit a valid point here – the big oontributors and fundraisers in politics who often don’t have what it takes to be a good government official, major party officer, or candidate. When they step outside their financial world, they lack the political savvy, policy sense, and administrative skills in any of the other positions.

    At least at the federal level, they can name them an ambassador to a country where things are quiet, and they have a whole staff of foreign service officers to keep them on a straight line (most of the time). The Deputy Chief of Mission actually runs the embassy administratively, and the ambassador is not posted to a country with any sigificant policy headaches, so it is a glamourous, cushy, non-demanding job for a political finance heavy hitter. Slots in countries like the Bahamas, small European countries, etc. have political ambassadors appointed all the time.

    Unfortunately, if someone is not satisfied with a board or commission appointment, state government does not have anything like that. Secretary of Cultural Resources might be the closest.

    One wonders if Wos was chomping at the bit to lead DHHS, or – heaven forbid – the transition team recruited her for this position. The latter would be political malpractice.

    As a rich woman, one thing she does not comprehend is the average person’s conception of the value of money. To her, the salaries she gives two 24-year olds is chump change but to the average voter it is more of a kings ramsom. That is behind her inability to deal appropriately with those salary issues where it does not cause the Governor political headaches.

    You are right that the governor is in a tough spot on this one, but can the money she can raise and contribute be enough to reverse the bad PR she has given the administration with her lack of political savvy?

    Incidentally, as has been noted in the Forum section, Wos is not only a contributor to Republicans. Wos has, for example, given multiple contributions to Kay Hagan.

    McCrory could have a much better handle on this situation if he had done like Governor Martin and had a robust personnel office within the Governor’s Office which engaged with all major personnel decisions in the departments and had the final okay on them. Letting the cabinet secretaries have absolute control over those decisions has been a disastrous policy, particularly at DHHS.

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