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Before the legislators trooped back to town the News and Observer ran an ‘expose’ about how public hospitals receive millions of dollars in tax breaks to help them care for the indigent but how those tax breaks put millions more in the hospitals’ pockets than they are spending on the poor.
Governor Perdue, when the newspaper finished its expose, gingerly dipped her toe into the water by proposing spending $100,000 on a study of how to simplify hospital bills – which was simply an exercise in political P.R. so Perdue could say she was doing something while doing hardly anything and all it would cost taxpayers was $100,000. And she wouldn’t offend the powerful Hospital Association Lobby.
Then the Republicans arrived in town and killed Perdue’s study which is just as well but what about those loopholes? No one – Democrat or Republican – is lifting a finger to tackle the Hospital Lobby.


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One comment on “Wired Up

  1. dap916 says:

    The “Hospital Lobby”. hahahaha

    I wonder if people truly know just how many “lobbies” and “lobiests” we have here in North Carolina. Our legislators don’t run things, folks. Trust me.

    Here’s the link on lobbyists:

    Click eithr of the first two listed on the left and you’ll be totally and absolutely AMAZED. Lobbyists run this state…and, truth is, they run this country.

    Vote any way you want. It really doesn’t matter much.

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