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Now that Senator Thom Goolsby has compared educators and the media to Vladimir Lenin, I presume that State GOP Chair Claude Pope will denounce him for an “inexcusable, disgusting and shameful” attack.
Goolsby wrote on his blog: “Vladimir Lenin said, ‘A lie told often enough becomes the truth.’ Professional educrats (education bureaucrats) and their buddies in the mainstream media have taken this quote to heart.”
You will recall – see blogs below by both Carter and me – that Pope accused D.G. Martin of comparing North Carolina Republicans to Nazis. Pope called it an “inexcusable, disgusting and shameful” attack.
Pope called on UNC-TV to cancel D.G.’s book show so as not to “damage the reputation of an otherwise upstanding organization.”
He should worry about Goolsby damaging the reputation of the Republican Party.


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3 comments on “Will Pope Denounce Goolsby?

  1. clarence swinney says:

    Oregon is sixteenth state calling to amend it.
    It was a dumb Supreme Court Ruling so kick it out.
    It put unlimited money into our elections.

    Another problem, much worse, is computerized control of the individual vote.
    I voted a straight D and on review it was straight R.

    In North Carolina R took over governorship plus legislature,

    I feel it was programming computers to yield that result not corporate money.
    Will R eventually take over all state voting?
    Who controls, programs the computers.
    Diebold was sold to a Republican.

  2. Reaganite says:

    What Pope needs to do is to denounce Big Media, especially the McClatchey mob and WRAL for their constant lying to try to help their political friends, the Democrats. The McClatchey newspapers and WRAL do remind me of Pravda and Radio Moscow in the days of Breshnev. They are 100% political distortion and 0% objectivity. They are an embarassment to North Carolina. The old News and Observer was biased to the Democrats and slanted its coverage, but the McClatchey N&O is so much worse, a total political propaganda sheet. Disgusting!

    The education establishment, including education bureaucrats and teachers unions do lie as bad as Big Media.

    (And why do you put clarence swinney’s spam as comments to articles they are totally unrelated to? Seems to me they ought to be shunted to the other section of your site, where they belong)

  3. dap916 says:

    So, swinney, what the heck does this have to do with what Gary presented here?

    You would be best served by going to the Forum here and posting your stuff so we can discuss your points of view.

    I’m betting you aren’t interested in discussing your idiocy…just presenting it.

    I’m still amazed that Gary and Carter are allowing your nutcase posts here. But, hey, we all have the 1st Amendment, right?

    Yep….that’s true. And that means you have the right to post totally ridiculous and absurd and irrelevant information.

    I don’t necessarily agree with Pope in this discussion. I do think that the progressive-left in our state wants to bring our state as well as our nation into an era of socialism. Lenin wasn’t a Nazi. He was a communist/socialist (at the end of the day, there is very little difference between the two). And, many (including our president) believe in many of the things in that ideology.

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