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John McCain’s Straight Talk Express has become the Double Talk Detour.

First the scourge of lobbyists and special interests had to purge his campaign of some, but certainly not all, of the teeming special-interest lobbyists on board.

Then Mister Integrity dumped his medical records and wife’s income taxes on the Friday before Memorial Day in an all-too-obvious ploy to hide something.

Nothing was more suspicious than the limits put on media scrutiny of McCain’s medical records: More than 1,000 pages, available for only a few hours, seen only by a hand-picked handful of journalists, who could not make copies, and a scheduled 90-minute press conference with doctors cut off after 45 minutes.

Nor would McCain let Lawrence Altman, a veteran New York Times reporter who is a doctor, look at the records. Tellingly, the Times story raised questions about whether McCain’s skin cancer is more serious than reported.

What is McCain hiding? He is 71 years old. As someone who does not think that sounds so old any more, I say it’s legitimate to question whether McCain is physically and mentally fit to be President until he’s 75.

And how about his wife’s income-tax records? Why so evasive there? We know he left his first wife to marry a woman who owns one of the biggest Budweiser distributorships in the country. Sounds like a college boy’s dream. But why so secretive? And why dump that information the same day he dumped the medical records?

The main thing we learned is that Mrs. McCain may be richer than Teresa Heinz Kerry.

The Straight Talk Express has gone off the tracks again.

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