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Most of time, you can tell what a campaign is thinking by watching what it does. Sometimes, what a campaign does makes you wonder what – or if – they’re thinking. So it is with Bill Faison’s campaign for governor.
Some weeks ago, the buzz was that Faison was going to pump a half-million dollars-plus of his own money into TV ads. But the blitz never came.
This weekend, driving on U.S. 64 east of Raleigh, I saw a lot of Faison for Governor signs.
A campaign that puts signs by the road but no ads on TV has its priorities wrong.
See Public Policy Polling: “Dalton now leads by 10 in NC Democratic Gov primary.”


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One comment on “What Is Bill Thinking?

  1. dap916 says:

    Gary, which of those democratic candidates you listed running for guv on the democratic ticket stands the best chance to win? It’s kind of a DUH question, really. Faison is a jerk, “bumbling Bob” is also a jerk. Dalton leads. Again…”DUH”.

    Truth? I truly believe it will take a horrendous sex scandle or some other horrible thing to keep McCrory from winning the Governership. But, hey. that’s just me.

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