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Have I missed it? Or has somebody done – and released – a poll of Wake County voters on the school debate?
Most people I run into take it as a matter of faith that the board’s new direction reflects a minority opinion in the county.
True, it was the election for just four board seats that turned things around so dramatically.
But I have a feeling that there is a swing bloc of voters in the middle of this issue. They agree that resegregated schools would be bad. And they share the frustration over school assignments. What they don’t get is whether the two views can be squared.
The opponents of the new board need to understand those voters, because that’s who will ultimately decide what happens.


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3 comments on “What Do Voters Think?

  1. dap916 says:

    Okay…I hear ya, Gary. No, no “polls” to offer up to ya. But, whatcha think HONESTLY how the taxpayers of Wake feel on this bussing issue? I mean, I know that the left…folks like you and others with like-minded thought about how it’s just sooooo important that our kids and in a little bit lesser degree the populace should be FORCED to “integrate” races is just…well, like the greatest thing in the world…would believe that it’s just so horribly important that races in this multi-cultural country of ours understand everyone’s plight…everyone’s need for “inclusion” in society…everyone’s advantage to succeed. I’m not so hard-hearted that I don’t realize that all of those things need to be realized by all of us. But, Gary, saying that it is “resegregation” by not bussing white kids into black schools and black environments and, of course, vice versa is ridiculous. I’ve read just so many presentations where blacks say they like neighborhood schools and I have read and heard so many of the same from white folks. Why is it that some administration/government entity wants to MAKE things happen they see as “best” when the populace…many of our citizens…don’t see it that way? Look…the majority of the citizens in our country were against got passed anyway. The majority of our citizens are against MANY of our current administration’s beliefs, yet many will be passed. How many folks truly believe that we should pay a thousand + dollars extra for Cap & Trade? Oh, yeah…I hear the rhetoric..but even Obama said it’s gonna cost citizens a lot.

    We’re seeing just so many things enacted today that the general populace is against…yet being lauded by the mainstream media. I am heartened by the teaparty movement and the offshoots of that and by the HUGE popularity of FoxNews and Glenn Beck and Hannity and Rush and Boortz because they are the defending line against the rush toward what our prez has written himself as his quest for our country if taken in proper context.

    America was built on indivduality and hard work and in striving for success and in working hard despite obstacles (even racism and against forces against classes) rather than having some outside entity (govt.) giving us “success” without effort.

    Yep, there are disadvantaged folks in america through no fault of their own. But, that not commonplace…that’s slim. A HUGE….HUGE…part of those getting taxpayer help and subsidies and entitlements aren’t deserving of those. Facts? Personal experience and knowing just SO many that “work the system” is the only fact I need. Libs seem to ignore those “facts” when they see them and consider them “minor” or “inconsequential”. Well…guess what…they aren’t.

  2. dap916 says:

    Oh…SORRY y’all. I got off on a tangent. I’m famous for that.

    Suffice to say that I’m TOTALLY against bussing kids in the so-called interest of promoting “integration” in schools. That’s a ruse. That’s not what this bussing issue is truly about. Anyone that believes that is drinking the liberal/left kool-aid.

    It’s about trying to make the various schools that don’t have good marks on education look better…nothing more.

  3. Huh? says:

    The issues in Wake Co. are somewhat unique to Wake Co. While attempts to balance student population based on income were a significant factor many of the reassignments have more to do with the rapid growth. When you are opening new schools every year there is a domino affect. I expect until growth slows there will be upset parents regardless of which faction controls the board. The consultant they have coming in to make a presentation, if he can do what he claims and the board uses that system, might well have the answer for the folks in the middle. If the county can be divided into districts that reflect the general population of the county they may well be able to avoid long bus rides (by urban standards) while maintaining diverse school populations. Of course that’s a big if. I’m just glad I’m not in Wake County!

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