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The mention of the phrase ‘public schools’ conjures up a vision of nurturing teachers and faithful laboring principals but it turns out ‘Big Education’ is a kingdom teeming with ‘Big Players’ from teachers’ unions to textbook publishers to testing companies all battling for promotions, contracts and a bigger piece of the billions spent on public education – the warring camps fall into four tribes:

The Advocates for Social Justice are a tribe of dyed-in-the-wool multiculturalists tracing their genealogy back to a fearsome place: The 1960s Counter-Culture. They see our education system as the ill-bred progeny of capitalist exploitation, are determined to free the next generation from the shackles of our Western heritage and believe our public schools have a sacred duty to lead a crusade to cure the wrongs of social injustice.
The Human Potentials are against memorization, drill, rote learning, structure, discipline and routine.  This tribe believes open (and unstructured) classrooms are a step on the road to enlightenment and, more than anything else, believe schools must nurture students and build their self-esteem so they flower and fulfill their human potential. 
The Traditionalists favor all the things the Human Potentialists see as wicked: They’re for phonics, memorization, flash cards and teaching the virtues of Western Civilization.
The final group, the Structuralists, see our schools as antiquated. As an out of date monopoly. And an albatross. To them future lies in charter schools, vouchers, school choice and tuition tax credits. Their spiritual godfather is Milton Friedman.
‘Big Education,’ like big health care in Washington, turns out to be a swamp filled with special interests, so next time you see the teachers’ union whacking a state legislator remember: You may really be watching a Structuralist slamming a Human Potentialist who’s trying to get his (or her) hands on more of ‘Big Education’s billions.


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2 comments on “Whacking a Structuralist

  1. Anonymous says:

    The most well thought out piece I have ever read written by Carter Wrenn. I really like the insightful second paragraph. I wish I had written out every word of this piece. William F. Buckley Jr told me once to try and say what you mean in as few words as possible. I think this would make him proud. The analysis is spot on. I wish you would write more on the tie you see between the structualsit and Milton Freedman. I have read Mr. Freedman and know and admire his capitalist philosophy, but don’t see the connection with this particular school group. What I find is that most of the structuralist don’t even know Milton Friedman, and the Advocates for Social Justice know him only as an enemy, because of his disdane for socialisim. Once again, great piece.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Forgot one question. Why title ” Whacking a structuralist”. Is that the group you most dislike? Why whack just that group and not the other 3 ? Is there a particular structuralist you don’t care for ? Do you not like Milton Friedman, and if so why ?

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