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Thom Tillis is a lot like Mitt Romney, and he learned one big thing from Romney’s 2012 campaign: Don’t get on the same stage and same page with the nuts in his party.
So Tillis may be making the right strategic decision by ducking the WRAL debate. It’s better to look chicken than to be a punching bag or, even worse, look like you’re as far-right as some of your opponents.
Besides, Tillis may be up against two candidates who believe they were called by God to run. Greg Brannon says God spoke to him while he was running on the beach on Good Friday. (He works in mysterious ways!) I don’t want to put words into Mark Harris’ mouth, but he is a minister, so he might feel called from on high too.
It’s hard to debate with people called by God.
This reminds me of a little-known opponent Governor Jim Hunt had long ago. Hunt sat down with the man to discuss the race and, he hoped, persuade him not to make the race. But the man told Hunt that God had told him to run.
Hunt said later that he thought to himself, “Well, God didn’t tell me to run, but if He told you, I can understand you running.”
As it turned out, God might have told the fellow to run, but He didn’t tell him he’d win. He finished far back in the pack.


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2 comments on “Tillis, the GOP and God

  1. Anonymous says:

    Like you, Gary, I hope Tillis continues to duck his responsibilities with regard to debating with his GOP primary opponents. Nothing could say more about this man. Way back, I liked him not knowing much about him. I’m slow…but I’m not stupid and this guy has proven to be the epitome of the expression “democrat lite”. We don’t need any more republican politicians in D.C. like that.

    Now, about that God thingy. Gary, most of us that follow politics daily and gets deeply involved in what both parties truly stand for and believe know that the majority of those that consider themselves aren’t religious people and don’t believe in and follow most doctrines in the Bible. So, it’s not surprising that you aren’t able to understand that when a person says “God talked to me”, it doesn’t mean that God carried on a conversation with them. I’m agnostic (question the existence of a Supreme Being) but I attend church at times with my wife. I’m giving it a chance, so to speak…plus it makes my wife happy :-). I tell you that because I’ve had conversations with people about this “God talked to me” subject. What this means to a religious person is that God is in your heart (vs. your head) and when you feel something in your heart, it’s God’s doing…or God “talking” to you. Again, I don’t expect you to understand this or even accept it. You have proven many times over on this page that you are of the radical liberal/progressive persuasion so this kind of thing defies common sense to you.

    Well, in any case, it makes for good banter here on TAP so it’s all good, my man.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, please, please, please don’t throw us in the Tillis briar patch said the Brerr Democrats.

    It is not surprising that Democrat strategists are doing everything they can to prop up Thom Tillis in the Republican primary. Just like the Democrats did in Missouri with Akin, they are deliberately trying to steer Republicans into nominating the candidate they want to run against.


    First they can read the polls. Tillis rather consistently polls as the weakest Republican in the field in general election matchups with Hagan.

    Second, they know that Tillis is poorly positioned on major issues that Republicans could use against Hagan. Tillis called Obamacare a ”good idea” and strongly pushed legislation through the House to create a state Obamacare exchange in North Carolina (fortunately killed off in the Senate). He would look like a fool trying to use that issue against Hagan. Romney castrated Republicans ability to use Obamacare as an issue in 2012 due to his Romneycare baggage, and Tillis has exactly the same problem in the Senate race. Then there is illegal immigration, where Tillis, like Obama and Hagan supports a ”pathway to citizenship” (amnesty) for illegal aliens, a position that recent polling by the Washington Post shows hurts Republican candidates with independent and moderate voters, who are more likely to oppose a pathway to citizenship.

    Third, there are all those juicy scandals with Tillis like rampant pay for play and the sex and influence scandal in Tillis’ office that he mishandled.

    Fourth, Democrats have invested a lot of effort in their Blueprint smears on the GOP legislature, which even though built on lies and distortions have gotten too much traction with voters due to incompetent GOP pushback. They want to use Blueprint to help reelect Hagan, and Tillis is the only candidate in the GOP field that would put them in a position to do that. The rest of the field are non-legislators.

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