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Readers of The National Enquirer knew from the beginning what readers and viewers of ESPN, the networks, The News & Observer, The New York Times and all other major media didn’t know until well after Tiger Woods made one of his worst drives ever.
Last week, The Enquirer reported that Tiger had been – as they say – “involved” with another woman.
Once again, the mainstream media had to decide whether to repeat “tabloid trash,” as John Edwards once called it.
Well, The Enquirer turned out to be accurate about Edwards. Why not trust it on Tiger?
A footnote: Enquiring golf minds want to know what club Mrs. Woods used to “free” her husband.
A five- or six-iron sounds right for the job.


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One comment on “Tiger and the Rags

  1. dap916 says:

    The only thing I hate about this Tiger Woods thing right now is that I truly believe that I could actually beat him on a round of golf right now…I mean, hey, going in and out of consciousness and everything. 🙂

    Seriously, though, I think that Tiger has done an absolutely excellent job of keeping his private life….private. Jack Niclaus did that well. John Wayne did that well. Many icons have done that. But now, with this incident, in my opinion it is severely tarnishing Tiger’s image and he will forevermore have this incident to live down. Yes, it’s gonna be forgotten in the press and few will actually ever mention it after it dies down. But, we Tiger fans…and youbetcha I’m an AVID Tiger fan believing he is the best golfer that has ever lived and that includes Bobby Jones…will never have that same feeling we have had in the past about him when it comes to him as a person. Is that small of me/us? Maybe. But, it’s still true.

    Tiger should come out personally…in person…and tell us what the deal is. He has to use incredible mitzvah in this situation. Otherwise, he’s still gonna be the best golfer to have ever lived (so far) and will always command a HUGE following (me being one) and will walk away from this embarrassing situation with just a little bruise at the end of the day.

    Oh, do I believe the Enquirer’s supposed revelations? Well…yeah, I do. Hope I’m wrong about that.

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