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Right now there’re three great powers in Republican politics in Raleigh: The Governor, the House, and the Senate.
Now the Governor’s pretty easygoing – the kind of fellow who, when he can, will go out of his way to avoid a fight. Even when he disagrees with folks, he’s not inclined to say much bad or unkind about the other fellow.
The State House, on the other hand, can get pretty obstreperous. But, most often, the Republicans in the House are aiming their barbs at each other. A couple of weeks ago a Republican legislator let fly at Speaker Thom Tillis calling him a liberal, then another Republican legislator let fly calling the Speaker a pay-to-play politician. Last week, Republican legislators scuttled the Speaker’s tax reform plan in the House Finance Committee one day, scuttled it again in the House Appropriations Committee the next day, then on the third day they passed the whole thing (just the way the Speaker wanted it) almost unanimously.
Compared to the House, the Senate is a study in order.
The Republican Senators take their conservative ideas seriously – and they’re not prone to sit on their hands and wait for someone else to come along and do something about them. In their budget they cut state spending more than the House or the Governor, and in their tax package they cut taxes more than the House or the Governor – which has left the other Republican powers in Raleigh in a quandary. Because no Republican State Representative wants to have to go home and explain to voters that, the way he saw it, the Republican Senate cut taxes and spending too much.


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One comment on “Three Great Powers

  1. clarence swinney says:

    Happy Father’s Day Bill
    Historian Swinney Salutes President Clinton for::
    Educational infrastructure
    Small businesses
    Americans who suffer losses in disasters
    For 22.4 Million new jobs
    For better paying jobs
    For increasing the Minimum wage
    For keeping our servicemen and women out of harms way
    For making America a beacon of hope for other nations
    For having a popularity rating of 98.5% in Moscow.
    For being an active church attendee all your life.
    For saying-“I will never use my religion for political purposes”.
    For being a devoted and successful father
    For giving us Hillary to serve all Americans.
    For trying to de-politicize politics.
    For not having a mean bone in your body.
    For never being vengeful toward those who try to destroy you
    For your sincere faith in a living God.
    For praying in private meetings with Vice-President Gore and not
    publicizing it.
    For being polite and gracious to all persons you meet.
    For a sincere, caring attitude toward my family.
    For being a worse golfer than I.
    For having, in eight years, only one member of your administration
    convicted of a felony which was committed while working for you.
    For standing tall, without whimpering, to the congressmen who spent $110,000,000 trying to destroy your administration.
    For “working for life not a living” as a true Lifeaholic.

    Just know for certain President Clinton America LOVES you.

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