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Sandy is about to blow away – literally – everything we think we know about this presidential election. Soon it will all be up in the air – or under water.
There is no way to exaggerate the impact of a storm that covers 500 miles, hits 50 million people and lasts for days.
Should President Obama cancel every campaign event and focus totally on recovery? Should Romney keep campaigning? If not, what should he do? Do you pull all your ads? Does a negative ad backfire now? Is anybody paying attention? Will the storm wash out the vaunted Obama ground game? Will people even be able to vote?
What about voters’ psychology? Will they now want a corporate turnaround artist and Olympics-saver? Or will they wonder again whether Romney understands and cares about real people in real trouble?
Apropos of that, my friend Reid Overcash passed this along from the fake Twitter account #RomneyStormTips: “Everyone in the path of the hurricane should head to their second or third home to safety.”


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9 comments on “The Ultimate X Factor

  1. dap916 says:

    What your friend Reid Overcash should be wondering is if Obama will actually be there for Americans that are affected by Sandy even though he wasn’t there for Americans in Benghazi.

    I think he will, though….too many eyes on that event and no way to spin any lack of action….plus, he doesn’t have to worry about offending any muslims by helping Americans in our own country.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    Three times, Mitt and Ryan publicly demanded that the federal government only disburse disaster relief funding if Congress agreed to off setting budgets cuts elsewhere. This would hold desperately needed disaster relief funding hostage unless Congress agreed to cuts elsewhere in the budget, an extraordinarily difficult prospect even in normal times..These same so called sane men want to defund Planned Parenthood which prevents more abortions than any unit in America. It provides preventative health care for millions of the poorest of the poor women. A Christian nation???? What would Christ say??

  3. clarence swinney says:

    Since the auto rescue, GM, Ford, and Chrysler are experiencing increases in sales of 10, 13, and 14 percent, respectively. Obama’s approach, which Romney vehemently opposed, helped save as many as 1.3 million jobs and the administration’s new fuel efficiency standards and incentives included in the 2009 stimulus are driving American-made cars to be become more competitive in an international market.

  4. dap916 says:

    So, swinney, you just ignore information that much of the american auto industry is going to China, right? You’re so blinded by your politics that you can’t see the forest for the trees. God luv ya.

  5. clarence swinney says:

    2000 TO 2008 (% OF GDP)
    Spending=+33% =2 wars + Part D Medicare
    Revenue= –29% = 2 tax cuts
    This is why in 8 of Bush we increased Spending 90% and Debt 112%
    The rich got richer as they were not hit with needed taxes to pay for added spending.
    They are reasons we now rank #4 on Inequality in OECD nations and #3 as Least Taxed
    less than all but Chile and Mexico

  6. clarence swinney says:



    Reagan $750B Tax cut with 60% for top(70-28) got $140B increase in Income Tax Revenues
    His job growth of 175,00 per month was 24% below Carters 218,000

    Bush Tax Cuts and 31,00 per month to Clinton 237,000

    Bush Worst 8 in history outside Great Depression
    It was Robber Baron Era all over—-
    Since 1945 Democratic presidents created twice as many jobs as R Presidents

    Since 1980 three R presidents for 20 years—R Senate 18 and House 12 plus Total Control for 6
    Took 600B budget to 2500B
    Surplus to 1400B Deficit
    Added 9000B to 1000B Debt
    Created 99,00 jobs per month to Carter + Clinton 22,000
    Initiated our involvemet in 10 foreign conflicts
    Carter + Clinton=0
    Great Recession
    Smashed Housing Industry
    Turned Wall Street into Gambling Casino instead of Investment in businesses and jobs
    Flushed money to top10%
    Outsourced our industries
    closed 58,000 plants in ten years
    Hurt Middle Class by not increasing Minumum wage and destruction of unions plus killing jobs
    all for Wall Street $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ GOD

  7. clarence swinney says:

    Fed fund campaign/election—6 months-3 primary 3 general-free equal tv time-
    tv debate a week=12=adequate to evaluate candidates—no personal or any money used
    by candidates. Keep them on the job not on the road. Burn Corporate Person.

    Since there will be no need to raise campaign funds a law prohibits any federal employees from getting anything with a financial value. A crime to offer it. This shuts down K St Bribery.

    Progressive Tax System. Flat tax by group. Tax all income.
    A shame we rank #3 as least taxed in OECD nations.
    Puts us in a class with Chile and Mexico.
    The site-— has superb info on corporation tax avoidance.

  8. Carbine says:

    Oh Dap916, you don’t want to touch that tar baby. When the election is over the voices in his head will direct him to another hobby. In the meantime there’s no sense trying to argue with an intellect of that calibre.

  9. clarence swinney says:

    HELD PRESIDENCY———————————-28 YEARS—————22 YEARS
    JOBS CREATED—————————————-24 M———————-42M
    STOCK MARKET RETURNS———————–109%———————992%
    STOCK MARKETS RETURN PER YEAR——–2.7%———————-11%
    GDP GROWTH PER YEAR—————————2.7%———————-4.1%
    INCOME GROWTH PER YEAR———————0.6%———————-2.2%

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