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One thing I enjoy about this blog is learning how Carter and his political crowd see the world. It’s a lot different from how my crowd sees it.
I mention this because it drives some of my friends crazy that I associate in any way with Carter. One said he avoided me for two years because Carter ran a campaign that beat his candidate in 2010.
But, as Yogi Berra said, “sometimes you hear a lot just by listening.” You can even learn something.
For example, Carter says he put on polls this year a question something like, “Do you agree or disagree with the statement that America today is not the same country you grew up in?”
Most people agreed. But I’m guessing that people in Carter’s world (call it Red America) think that’s bad and people in my world (Blue America) think it’s good.
Red America sees a breakdown in social values, morality, religious faith and responsible behavior. Blue America sees a heartening trend toward tolerance, opportunity, racial equality and social fairness.
Jonathan Haidt, the author of The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion, apparently does a good job of exploring this divide. He also delves into why it can hurt Democrats politically.
I need to read more – and understand better.  Maybe we all should, whichever world we’re in.


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2 comments on “The Other Side

  1. clarence swinney says:

    Hedge Fund Manager Paulson made $3700 Million in 2007 and $5000 Million in 2010.
    He had bet om Mortgage Defaults. AIG covered some of his large bets. They lost. We bailed them out
    of gambling losses. His Tax Rate 15%. Union workers pay 28% Tax Rate.
    Wall Street is involved in high speed gambling. The type that almost put us in a Great Depression.
    When will Congress show courage and tax such gambling activities. UK has taxed them for decades with no ill effect. We need the revenue. Better to do that than cut entitlements. A few rich are involved versus 50 million. Will we ever learn?

  2. dap916 says:

    That was an excellent depiction of where we stand today politically between the two parties…and those that subscribe to each of them. Pretty astute.

    I wonder why it is that there can’t be a blend between the two beliefs. It shouldn’t be an “either/or” kind of thing for us in America. There just HAS to be a way for the two belief systems to come together. I mean, I am pretty damn conservative and KNOW that we’re in the shape we’re in fiscally in this country NOT because we don’t tax the rich enough but because we spend just absoutely too much. I’m pretty sure most democrats that AREN’T receiving government assistance from one source or another believes this as well. I also believe that we have an enormous amount of tax loopholes that have been created along the way by our more wealthy legislators and their backers that should be done away with…and, I’m pretty sure most republicans that AREN’T able to take advantage of these loopholes believes this as well. I’d bet that if you were to put it to a vote, we “regular” folks down here in mainstream America would be all for reducing our excessive spending by the fed…getting waste and abuses out of our spending…and would also be for doing away with all of those “richie” tax loopholes INCLUDING being able to put money in areas outside the country to avoid taxes on money they made here in the U.S.

    But, the two sides go just WAY too far when they start to regulate and to control and enact policy. They try to go to the extreme that is mostly something that helps the very few…the supporters of their particular party.

    Not sure how we can change it…but, I’m betting both Gary and Carter here agree with what I’ve just said. Problem is…neither of them know what to do about it either and so, just accept what we have, what we’ve always done and try to change that for the betterment of their own party and beliefs.

    I’m not all that “religious”….but, sometimes I think the only thing that will save our country now is Divine Intervention.

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