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A pair of ‘grassroots organizers,’ Jessica Laurenz and Sean Kosofsky, took a poll, found three issues, and wrote a plan. Neither had ever run a major statewide campaign and they lacked money and a voice but they had passion and zeal and sailed into uncharted waters to breathe life back into the moribund Democratic Party – then some malevolent genie leaked their ‘secret plan’ to the Charlotte Observer and all hell broke loose.
Sean Kosofsky took the first hit – the newspapers reported his plan, then they said his group (Blueprint NC) could not legally spend money to elect Democrats, then a foundation (headed by a former Democratic legislator) that had given his group $400,000 blasted Kosofsky, then the State Republican Party filed complaints against Kosofsky with the IRS and the State Board of Elections for violating election laws.
Kosofsky was in hot water up to his chin when Jennifer Laurenz stepped in and saved him. She, she told the newspapers, had written the plan – she was to blame.
Then Laurenz fell prey to unforgiving politics too.
A longtime Democratic State Representative whose son works for Laurenz at America Votes NC, walked into a press conference and when a reporter asked him about Laurenz’s plan he could have said Laurenz was a well-meaning but inexperienced young woman. Or that young people sometimes get carried away by their passions and that’s unfortunate but it’s understandable. Instead, before the cock crowed thrice, he threw Laurenz under the bus – he said he knew nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing but what he’d read in the newspapers. It was like he’d never heard of the young woman his son works with.
Young Sean Kosofsky and Jessica Laurenz sailed into unchartered waters with more passion than prudence then the newspapers descended on them, then the Republicans descended on them, then their friends – the people they meant to help – abandoned them.


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5 comments on “The Democrats’ Leaked Plan – Summary

  1. dap916 says:

    Ah….the wonderful world of politics !!!!

  2. clarence swinney says:

    Berkshire sold 19M shares of Johnson and Johnson and it’s entire investment in Intel.
    John Paulson sold 14M shares of JP Morgan and all in Family Dollar and Sara Lee.
    George Soros sold almost all his stocks in three banks. Almost a million shares in JP Morgan, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs.
    Stock market still rising. Housing stabazilized., unemployment stable.
    Know Why?

  3. Choo says:

    Has the making of a good book or better yet, made for TV movie.

  4. clarence swinney says:

    He bought 50 Tea Party seats in the House to do just to things—cut spending and save his huge Bush Tax Cut.
    Non-Defense spending is expected to hit 50-year low.
    Welfare programs and other government spending on such as law enforcement, education, transportation(pot holes), national parks and Research.
    House Republicans voted as one to kill the Minimum Wage Hike.
    Koch is pleased. Forth Four Million are displeased. Koch got huge pay increase via tax cut but fights against workers and the poor.

  5. dap916 says:

    swinney. Do you even read your posts before you put them here? Maybe English isn’t your first language and just don’t know what your presentations look like to those of us that actually know the English language.

    Like my mother told me: “nothing is more important than a good education”.

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