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My Democratic campaign friends are cautiously ecstatic. My Republican campaign friends are nearly suicidal. So here – based on hearsay, guesswork and a dose of wishful thinking – are my Election Day predictions.

  1. Democrats sweep nationally. It’s the war, stupid. (Listen up, Mr. President.)

  1. Democrats take Congress. We pick up 30 U.S. House seats and a Senate majority.

  1. Webb wins Virginia. George Allen completes the greatest job of political self-destruction since Nixon in 1062.

  1. But Ford loses in Tennessee. Race still rules in the South, thanks to the racist but deadly RNC “Playboy” ad.

  1. Democrats keep N.C. legislature. A no-brainer. Look at our financial edge in the N&O’s outstanding graphic today.

  1. Jim Black survives. As a member of the House, not Speaker.

  1. Dems take Wake. We win majority on the county commissioners. Here come impact fees!

  1. Heath Shuler wins. Can Democrats make room in the tent for pro-life and pro-gun candidates? Yes, if we want to win in 2008. (Robin Hayes and Brad Miller also win.)

  1. School bonds lose. My heart makes my hope the Democratic tide will help. But my head says the combination of anti-tax and anti-mandatory year round is too much to overcome.

  1. Voter confidence loses. With no exit polls until 5 pm, cable spends all day hyping alleged irregularities, fraud and voter intimidation. What happens when Americans no longer trust the vote count?

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