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According to the newspaper one super powerful group is going to pick the winner in the Senate race: Women. 
Not money. Or virtue. Or sin. But Women.
Which, of course, if you’re a woman, may sound like floozy flattery. 
Or if you’re a woman, and a tad skeptical, you might be wondering, Why are all these politicians whispering sweet nothings into my ear? 
Could the answer be there’s a serpent curled in the weeds whispering to the politicians, Just tell her she’s got the power to fulfill her heart’s desire – that’ll get you her vote.’


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4 comments on “Tempting Women

  1. Anonymous says:

    All single women except for 3 in the state of Oklahoma vote Democratic, hence the media needs to push all women to the polls. A lot of single young women who once didn’t vote now vote and they need to continue to do so to keep the socialist in power. However if Obama has his way the Senate may change its’ representation. Obama doesn’t like it that North Dakota with a population Queens NY, gets 2 senators while the collection of socialist in the big cities only get 2 for their states. He thinks and it’s true that just a democracy would by the fact that 51% of the population are on the take from the government, keep the socialist Democratic party in power forever. There again he’s right.

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