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Kay Hagan didn’t put it quite this bluntly but, basically, what she said was Thom Tillis is a Neanderthal.

Now, no one, except for State Senators, believes being called a relic of the Stone Age is a compliment so, understandably unhappy, Tillis blasted Hagan right back saying the environmental regulations she supports (to end global warming) will cost jobs.
The press then asked Tillis if it was true – as Hagan said – that he didn’t believe in global warming.  And Tillis dodged.
Then the press asked Hagan which environmental regulations she supported and she not only dodged but added saving the planet might have to wait because new regulations might cost jobs.
That, of course, left Hagan in a fix.
But it left Tillis in a fix, too, because disagreeing with Al Gore (about saving the planet) means opening the newspaper and reading that all the scientists and every intellectual and every sensible person walking around on two legs believes the icecaps are melting – except that troglodyte Thom Tillis.
And lying in the dust, nursing his wounds, after being trampled by scientific infallibility what could Tillis say?
There are possibilities.
Like the words: Malthusian Catastrophe.  Piltdown Man.  And Population Bomb.
Back in 1798 an English scientist-economist, Thomas Malthus, produced a study that proved beyond a doubt the population was growing so fast doom was unavoidable. And just about every scientist and intellectual agreed.  The coming Malthusian Catastrophe was a fact. It was just a matter of time.
In 1912 an English scientist dug up a skull and jawbone from the Pleistocene Era buried in a pit in Piltdown, England, rushed back to London and announced he’d found the missing link – ‘Piltdown Man’ – and that was accepted as scientific fact, too, until, years later, carbon testing proved he’d found the skull of a man and jawbone of an ape.
In 1968 Paul Ehrlich, a scientist at Stanford University, wrote The Population Bomb and prophesized, ‘The battle to feed humanity is over…  In the 1970s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death.’
Ehrlich’s book sold 2 million copies and the intellectual community went wild – it was required reading at UNC.  Only Neanderthals disagreed.
All those scientific facts turned out to be fads.
Of course, ‘Piltdown Man’ doesn’t mean Al Gore’s prediction of doom is wrong but on the other hand it is cause for a reasonable man to cast a discerning eye on scientific infallibility – without being a Neanderthal.


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3 comments on “Stirred up into a Fever

  1. Anonymous says:

    You don’t have to be real bright to answer, ” the globe warms and cools on it’s own every few hundred years or so, but man has almost nothing to do with this change and can do little to effect this change. The planet does it on it’s own”. You can send Tillis a bill for me as his policy writer. No he is not a Neanderthal man, no he is worse, a politician and not a very good one at that. As to the economist scientist in the 16th century predicting global doom, just go back and look at the enviornmentalist predictions from the 1970’s, we were suppose to have ocean front property in Ashville, N.C. and we could grow no crops in the United States in 10 years. The green party was taken over several decades ago by the communist back when it was not popular to be a communist. Today they occupy the White House.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s all a great post. I want to just speak to that “global warming” thingy. Why on God’s green earth don’t our republican/conservative politicians (from local to national office) just cite all of the scientific evidence out there (along with the notable scientist’s names) that negates the notion that we’re seeing about the ever-changing climate change and so-called global warming “crisis” because of what humans are doing???

    Sometimes I think we have just idiots running on our side. The left/demos/progressives/liberals continue to cite all these scientists and “studies” and so forth from skewed web sites and from university scientists that get their pay and subsidies from the government. We need to show the truth…show studies from legitimate sources…answer questions relating to this topic using this kind of information.

  3. Anonymous says:

    While Obama’s EPA phase of his War on the Middle Class will indeed cost jobs, it will also cause electric rates to ”skyrocket” (a word Obama himself used for their impact).

    Republicans need to directly challenge the fanatic environmental extremist nutjobs who want to attack affordable energy. Global Warming is nothing but hot air. Climategate exposed these self-seeking manipulators for what they are. The claim of 97% support among scientists has also been thoroughly debunked.

    Tillis needs to have the ‘nads to tell them them global warming is just a theory, and the computer models it is based on have not been shown to be very reliable.

    But the issue is not just jobs. Affordable energy is also important to voters, and the Democrats right now have a War on Affordable Energy.

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