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That old warhorse Carter pulled off another one.
He’s had a history of guiding Republican Senate – and now congressional – candidates to unexpected victories: John East, Jesse Helms, Lauch Faircloth and, now, Renee Ellmers.
He’ll be the first to tell you that it was, first and foremost, the national tide.
But the Ellmers campaign succeeded where other challengers failed. Maybe because she’s a woman. Maybe because of Bob Etheridge’s health-care reform vote. Maybe because of Etheridge’s “who are you?” moment.
But Etheridge and his team ran a good campaign. I thought their ads were some of the best of the year.
So I give my blogging partner and old foe his due.


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2 comments on “Salute, Carter

  1. dap916 says:

    It is now time to not just have two years of republicans then two years of democrats then two years of republicans then two years of democrats…etc.

    It’s now time that the electorate realizes that taxing and spending is at a rate that causes huge debt is wrong. Yep…Bush did it…hey, I’m a Reagan Republican and I know even he did it. That needs to now come to an end. Yeah, I know that people are starving and that people are homeless and that people are destitute. Um…I also know that there is a predominance of people that fall into this status that AREN’T truly in that position…women with multiple numbers of offspring with “who knows who is the daddy” and women living in “single” status government-assistance dwellings where their men-lovers…even husbands…are living also. There are a kazillion “below poverty level” people drawing food stamps where incomes aren’t told to the social service people. There are “zillions” of people drawing food stamps that sell half of what they get on their “card” so they can get drugs, alcohol and cigarrettes.

    No one…absolutely NO ONE can truly argue that. And, guess what…those dollars come from we taxpayers that wake up every day to get ready for work and make sure our kids get to school…go to work…do the very best job we can at work…then make sure our kids are home or safe somewhere…all on our own. No government give-aways for us…just we people working and paying taxes so those that don’t do that..those that don’t want to do that can not be challenged to have to do that.

    This is NOT about democrat or republican. This is about what is right.

    You be the decision maker.

  2. dnb says:

    What is the history of recounts in North Carolina

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