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Laura Leslie of WUNC-FM – who does a great political blog – told a panel during last year’s campaign that she was sick and tired of men who liked Sarah Palin because she is “hot.”
Sorry, Laura, but how else can someone so clearly unprepared for national office be taken seriously as a candidate for national office?
Maybe we’ll learn one day that this is all some elaborate reality-TV concept. Some manic producer in New York said:
“Okay, here’s the idea. We’ll take this good-looking babe. We’ll have her come from someplace crazy – like Alaska! And she’ll have a family full of nut cases. Then we’ll throw her into the middle of national politics and see what happens.”
Charisma – call it “hot” – has always been part of politics. Witness John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.
What’s new with Palin is her true believers’ fervent faith that her lack of intellectual depth is a qualification – not a disqualification – for high office.
In the end, Palin’s appeal is more like that of Richard Nixon and George Wallace: the politics of resentment.


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3 comments on “Rogue Rage

  1. -1 says:

    She ran Alaska a helluva lot better that those liberals idiots, of your party!

  2. -1 says:

    Not to mention UNC is a far left radio and tv station funded by my tax dollars.
    Obama is doing a great job.
    Unemployment at 10.2% and this idiot is running all over the world telling us the world telling how bad America is.
    This jerk fits right in, with Easy, Hunt, Perdue and Nifong.
    Palin keep far left dingbats bitching.
    I love it!

  3. dap916 says:

    I just posted on the “Forum” that Sarah Palin scares the heck out of democrats because of her appeal to the base within the republican party. Republicans have become disenfranchised because of Bush & Co. Palin is helping to regain the momentum republicans had in prior-Bush years…well, actually during his first term and before.

    Dems are belivin’ Palin is all about running for office and think that’s going to somehow be their saving grace. Truth is, Palin is gonna be a strong force for helping get repubs elected in coming elections and will persue her own career now which might not necessarily include running for public office. She’s a very strong republican…a known conservative proponent…a likeable figure….an attention getter….a media phenom.

    Scares the HELL out of dems.

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