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The great thing about political blogging is that the game never ends. For the next two months, we get to watch the positioning for the legislative session.
Governor Perdue’s first statement got it right: We need to work together in a time of economic and fiscal crisis.
But she’ll have conflicting advice. Move to the middle and work with the Republicans, some will say. No, confront them at every turn, others will counsel.
With their victory, Republicans now have to govern. Will they be disciplined, or overreach like Washington Democrats did the last two years? Will the Chamber of Commerce crowd get along with the Old Testament Caucus?
In Washington, Democrats and Republicans can get away with kicking the can down the road, since they don’t have to balance the budget.
In Raleigh, somebody has to find $4 billion. And somebody’s going to pay a price.


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One comment on “Reset

  1. Carbine says:

    “the OldTestament Caucus,” that’s perfect. Best new political catch-phrase of the season! Thanks Gary.

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