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You can see this ad coming:
“Unemployment is at double-digits. The state has a $3 billion budget deficit. North Carolinians have a hard time making ends meet. What did Governor Perdue do? She hired a new chef for the Executive Mansion. Salary; $76,000.”
Yes, the Governor must entertain. Dignitaries must be honored, and industrial recruits must be wooed. The state must put its best foot – er, food – forward.
But this can cause a bad case of political indigestion.


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2 comments on “Recipe For Trouble

  1. dap916 says:

    Oh…I don’t know. Let’s say I’m a high-level executive for IBM or Google or some major parts manufacturer for autos or busses or trucks or….well, you get the point. I come to “visit” the guv of NC to discuss a possible arrangement that would include my firm building a manufacturing plant or some other such facility that will bring jobs to our state. I’m kinda big on myself and I’m wanting to be pampered while I’m “visiting” the guv. I’ve got some of my associates with me to help me in “discussions”. Hey…nothin’s better than discussing stuff over a fabulous meal.

    Bev has reduced her staff budget by 15%…she’s doing the dirty deed…gotta give her credit. I’m not so anti-dem/guv that I can’t see this as a good thing. It’s only $6 thousand more than the other guy so what’s the big deal? I mean, we waste $6 thousand about every hour on needless spending on illegal immigrants and by not enforcing the laws with regard to medicaid and food stamp and public housing fraud.

    Me? I’m okay with this chef. Beats the hell out of the staff of 43 that our gal Michelle Obama has costing millions and millions of dollars per year when the largest staff by any other first lady was Nancy Reagan at 3.

    Can’t say anything about that, though, for obvious reasons.

  2. Carbine says:

    The word “idiot” is thrown about rather loosley on political blogs this days, but if there were ever a politician who seemed to be trying to earn that title, this move by Bev would certianly make her a candidate.

    She could have gotten a new chef if she really had to have one and actually come out ahead politically if she had simply hired the new guy for LESS than what the old one was making. “Bev saves taxpayer $ on chef hire” looks a whole lot better in print than what’s circulating now.

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