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Here’s why, in political campaigns, Dick Morris was fun to work with. Dick could look at a poll and within ten seconds get ten ideas. I’ve only met three people like that: Tom Ellis, Arthur Finkelstein, and Dick Morris.

Once, sitting in a meeting, Dick was arguing for one of his ideas with a New York City passion and Tom Ellis, who came from a different place on the political spectrum, grunted and growled, That’s the dumbest idea I ever heard.

Dick stopped and stared back at him, shocked. Then he grinned. Well, you know, he shrugged, I’ll have ten ideas. Two are home runs. Six are base hits. And two will blow your foot off.

Dick made a comment on his blog the other day that falls into the first category. Writing about the presidential election, he began, “With the nation in the grip of a fundamental re-appraisal of its past rule by white men…”

Just about every election candidates talk about change. But I only recall one election that actually altered the order of American politics. 1980. We were losing the Cold War. Reagan was elected, and for the first time in a generation Democrats lost control of the Senate.

So is Barack Obama – like Reagan – riding a tidal wave of change which actually dwarfs his campaign, because, to put it in the bluntest terms, the last thing a lot of Americans want to elect is another white male president?

Well, open the newspaper and think it over. The economy’s in the tank. Gas is $4 a gallon. The Iraq War’s lasted as long as World War I and II combined. Then turn on the TV and watch T. Boone Pickens saying we’re sending $700 billion a year – the greatest wealth transfer in history – to the Arabs.

I’m betting Dick Morris has a point. This election voters may be looking at white male politicians and saying, Wait a minute. Those guys blew it. And we’ve had enough.

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