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I love polls. When I did campaigns, I spent hours digging through them. Numbers don’t lie, and they tell you what’s obscured in the political blather.

The latest NBC-Wall Street Journal poll lays out clearly what’s happening in this election. 

The headline is that voters prefer a Republican Congress over a Democratic one by 50-43 (up from 46-43 a month ago).
But why?
One number explains it: By 59-32, voters think the country is on the wrong track, instead of the right direction.
And the so-called enthusiasm gap is obvious.
The 50-43 preference for a Republican Congress is among Likely Voters. Among all Registered Voters, it’s closer: 46-44.
In other words, the Democrats aren’t voting. And voters are pessimistic about the future.
That’s the story of this election.


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One comment on “Poll Tells the Tale

  1. dap916 says:

    The truth is not what most lib/dems want to present, Gary. The vast majority of our citizenry knows that Obama is without a doubt a marxist and a socialists…or better put, a combination of the two. That is not what America is about and never has been. All the rhetoric about “starving children” and “qualified people not being able to find jobs” is just a bunch of crap. The majority knows this and the majority is going to vote for those that don’t walk that ridiculous path. Like it or not, Gary, your presented beliefs and all of the things you want Americans to buy just aren’t what Americans buy…end of story. But, as I’ve said here before and will say over and over again…you only “believe” what you say you “believe” for financial purposes. In you heart, my friend…….you know that the conservs and the teaparty and those that are for less govt. and less government involvement in our lives and for allowing the free market to work its wonders is the best avenue for success in America are presenting the truth.

    Still looking forward to reading your book, Gary. It’s most certainly gonna be a barnbuster….and without a doubt a presentation of the favorable/good things for Hunt. You may get some bucks out of it…but at the end of the day, I am absolutely sure that you know the truth in it all.

    No response needed.

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