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Politicians in Raleigh and Washington are spending their time and energy debating an issue that, I suspect, few Americans spend much time and energy worrying about: the budget deficit.
Yes, the average person probably would say something has to be done about the deficit. But the real concern is the economy: jobs, paying the bills, saving for retirement and college, etc., etc.
Politicians act like the public is closely following the budget debate. The Republicans, especially, seem to think they’ll get medals for making tough cuts and balancing the budget.
Don’t count on it.
Voters won’t get excited just because you balance the budget. That’s the least they expect.
They want to see a better economy – whatever it takes.
So the real question is whether balancing the budget – state or national – fixes the economy? Or will austerity choke off recovery?
We’ll find out.
But, for now, this might be an opening for both President Obama and Governor Perdue. Instead of trying to out-cut Republicans, they could propose a job-growth plan that balances cutting spending with foregoing tax cuts.
Frame the choice: Job growth versus budget-balancing. Let the public decide.


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2 comments on “Political Disconnect

  1. dap916 says:

    Spend and spend and spend….you can show that this will increase job growth?

    Look…our country has to take its medicine and take it now….sad to say.

    Cuts in government spending is paramount. Sorry that this will take away some of the give-outs…the spending on medicaid/food stamps/housing without follow-up to make sure those that truly deserve this get it…etc.

    Time we stop just giving away tax dollars without making sure those that receive them are justified in getting them. We work for our money that is paid into the government…time someone makes sure that money we put into the state isn’t just given away to those that don’t deserve it.

  2. AdamLove says:

    Good point, Gary! As long as the debate is framed correctly, who cares if our grandchildren are in debt up to their eyeballs until they’re 90? All that matters is the next election, after all!

    Some of us have larger concerns than thinking about problems from the point of view of a political consultant.

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