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It’s perplexing. How could Vice President Cheney not understand that when he said he was not a member of the Executive Branch just about everyone in America was going to look at him and say, Huh? Cheney may have a hoary legal point. But he just surpassed Dan Quayle’s misspelling potato when it comes to undermining his own credibility.

Democrats should be having a good chuckle at the Vice President’s expense, but, instead, they have no sense of humor at all. They’re outraged.

Their latest response comes from Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman, who almost topped Cheney when it comes to a lack of common sense. The President – and no one else – ultimately decides what is or is not classified information. No one can overrule him. No one except, according to Waxman, the bureaucrats at the National Archives Administration. Waxman told the press – with a straight face – that the President sinned horribly by not letting an agency that works for him, and only has the authority he gives it, come into the Oval Office and tell him if he handled classified documents properly.

Speaking of classified information, two of the pillars of broadcast journalism – NBC and ABC News – have been secretly negotiating with Paris Hilton to buy the story of her sojourn in prison. NBC reportedly was considering paying Ms. Hilton $1.3 million for an interview. Until the secret leaked. Then NBC and ABC both had a sudden attack of journalistic ethics.

Speaking of ethics, Democrats have this peculiar – and wonderful – propensity to argue arcane points of policy. On Gary’s blog two Democrats have been arguing about whether Hillary “associating” with fictional crime boss (Tony Soprano) in her new video is a mistake. There was another – more peculiar – example in The News and Observer. That involves the naming of things.

Mrs. John Edwards’ went to San Francisco to serve as ‘Grand Marshall’ of the annual gay pride parade. While she was there Mrs. Edwards spoke at a breakfast hosted by the Alice B. Toklas Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Democratic Club. Think about the debate that must have gone on among Democrats when it came to naming that group.

‘We could call it the Gay Democratic Club.’

‘No. Lesbians deserve to be recognized separately.’

‘Okay. But we shouldn’t discriminate against bisexuals.’

‘Oh, my gosh, we left out the transgenders.’

Compare that to how Republicans name things: Right to Life. Right to Work. Coalition for Decency. We’d probably just have called it The Any Kind of Sex You Want Coalition and let it go at that.

Lastly, Congressman Brad Miller will not be challenging Senator Elizabeth Dole. The News and Observer reported Miller’s reasons for running this way (News and Observer, 6-26-07), ‘Miller said he had been ready – excited, even – to take on Dole. But family considerations… captured his mind this weekend.’

Family considerations? Last year, Miller’s opponent tactlessly (which is the kindest description) wondered out loud why Miller and his wife do not have children, forcing Miller to discuss his wife’s medical history. Miller says he doesn’t want to put his family through that again. Understandable? Yes. But think about it. Does anyone really believe Elizabeth Dole – who does not have children herself – would ever in a thousand years have criticized Brad Miller’s wife? Congressman Miller’s explanation is ridiculous. Why couldn’t he just say, Look, fellows, I’ve looked at running for Senate. And I’d probably lose. So, I’m going to stick with a sure thing and stay in the House.

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