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Ten years ago this month, Barack Obama first streaked across the political skies with a rousing Democratic Convention speech in which he famously proclaimed there wasn’t a red America and a blue America, only one United States of America.
Today President Obama presides over an America bitterly divided between red and blue. He doesn’t seem at all happy about it, and nobody seems happy with him. He couldn’t even summon up a moving speech on race after Ferguson, always his go-to specialty.
He has visibly aged, and he seems dispirited and disengaged. Red and blue America alike slammed him last week for going golfing after denouncing the beheading of a journalist.
The state of our political discourse today is that some people seem angrier about him golfing than about these savages beheading a human being and broadcasting it to the world. Nevertheless, the President would have been well advised to take a mulligan on that tee time.
All Obama has done in six years is get us out of two bloody wars, save the economy from free fall and begin bringing down the deficit that George W. Bush gave us after inheriting a budget surplus from Bill Clinton. But no good deed goes unpunished.
Even Democrats pile on him now: He’s not spending enough time with us! He hasn’t made all those divisions go away! They seem torn between missing Bill and wishing for Hillary.
Republicans oppose anything he does and stop anything he tries to do, then blame him for getting nothing done. If they win the Senate this year, imagine how productive the next two years will be.
For Democrats, the upside of Republicans controlling both houses of Congress will be the certain election of a Democratic President in 2016. As the GOP proved in North Carolina, they will overreach.


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2 comments on “Obama’s Summer Bummer

  1. Anonymous says:

    Most of that is nothing but pure bologna but some of it deserves a response, Gary.

    First, Our national debt has gone up more in the years Obama has been in office than it has over the past two decades. So…even though the GOP-led congress has managed to lower our deficit (different than our national debt for those of you that don’t understand these things) we’ve gotten ourselves in a HUGE national debt problem that our great-great-great-great grand children are going to have to deal with. Remember…that lowering of the deficit came from things Congress has implemented. Nothing Obama & Co. has implemented. Everything Obama & Co. has implemented has added to our national debt. Yeah, Yeah…I know. The radical left that is brainwashed couldn’t ever understand what I just posted here. To them, If Gary says all these good things about what Obama has done then by God, that’s the truth and there’s no need to consider anything else.

    Second, what’s all this about the GOP overreaching in North Carolina? I haven’t seen any losses of any elections because of what the GOP has done since McCrory became Governor and since the GOP became the majority party in both houses of the state legislature. Just more “stuff” for the mindless radical left to read and just accept without having to consider anything else. Lovely.

    Lastly, republicans have offered up thousands of bills on myriad issues that are affecting our country and the VAST MAJORITY of those bills have been shot down by the democratic-led U.S. Senate. Don’t give me this ludicrous “talking point” that the democratic national committee has sent out for all democratic blogsters to say about the GOP being against anything and everything. I know better and so do you. again, you’re lesser-intelligent, brainwashed radical liberal/progressive followers just accept what you’re saying without any consideration to the contrary.


  2. Anonymous says:

    If nothing else Obama’s presidency proves one thing. This country can survive even if Ralph Cramdon, the Jackie Gleason bus driver from Queens got elected president. There is not a worry about Hillary becoming the next president, the press elects the president, the people have long ago given up that. Don’t take a real hard look at any of the numbers before you go giving Obama credit for much in the economy. He did get us out of foreign wars, and that will come home to visit us on our soil. But who cares, the leftist history writers will make up whatever they like, and Obama, at least in the history books will be the savior of the world. Boy that’s hard to even say.

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