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For years Paul Coble’s been your easy going, hail fellow well met County Commissioner, going along with the other local politicians when they wanted to raise the county’s debt, pass budgets with unfunded liabilities and spend Obama Stimulus Money.
But, now, suddenly, Coble’s turned into an anti-establishment ball of fire.
No one can recall the words ‘Agenda 21,’ ‘Gay Marriage,’ or ‘Voter ID’s’ passing Paul Coble’s lips at a Commissioner’s meeting for years – but now he’s flailing away at all three like his life depended on it. And like he’d as soon no one remembered him and his fellow Commissioners spending $3 million in Obama Stimulus funds to create 33 Green Energy Jobs at $92,000 a job.
Of course, what Coble’s trying to accomplish is straightforward: After a two-decade long membership in the local political establishment he’s trying to turn himself into an axe-wielding anti-establishment champion in six weeks to get himself elected to Congress.


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3 comments on “More Politics as Usual

  1. dap916 says:

    I’ve seen Google (and other venues) presenting the fact that you, Carter, are working to elect Paul Coble.

    Not sure this presentation you’ve made here is all that favorable in that respect.

    Maybe I missed something? Enlighten us, please.

  2. cwrenn says:

    Dear Dap,

    Well, you can hear anything in politics. I am not supporting Paul Coble. I am supporting George Holding and have since he announced. George and I have been friends for 25 years; I respect him and admire his record as U.S. Attorney – no one has done more to clean up politics.

    Best, Carter

  3. dap916 says:

    Good deal, Carter. Thanks for clearing that up. If some here read that you’re supporting Holding, maybe they’ll consider supporting him. It’s enough for me. I’ve worn out Google and Bing checkin’ him out now :-). I’m pretty much a “stay-at-home” kinda contributor, but will make an exception here on this one. The wife is considering my suggestion that we go to the gathering with all three wannabes on March 31st. If you’re there, I’ll introduce myself if I can get to you. You won’t remember me, but we’ve met before…MANY moons ago. Reaganite contributes outside his county/district…and even his state. Hopefully he’ll give for Holding as well.

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