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Life as a moderate Democrat in North Carolina isn’t for the weak of heart.
Like England in the ‘60s, it’s the Mods versus the Rockers. But these Rockers come at the Mods from both sides: the Obama disciples on the left and the Rush-Beck wrecking crew on the right.
Larry Kissell voted against the health-care bill. The House leadership may have given him a pass – unless they really, really needed him to pass the last bill.
Bob Etheridge voted for it. He had little choice. He’s part of the leadership.
Kay Hagan is in the cross-hairs now.
In Raleigh, one rumor is that Tony Rand grew tired of refereeing the moderate-liberal battles in the caucus.
Vote for Obama and incur the wrath of the right? Or vote with him and gamble that the legions of voters Obama turned out in 2008 will be there in 2010 or 2012?
Maalox, please.


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