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Face it: We got whacked.
The natural reactions are denial and rationalization: “We didn’t communicate well.” Or, “The voters just don’t get it.” Or, “Evil Big Money drowned us out.”
Wrong, wrong and wrong.
The American voters just didn’t like the dishes Democrats served up the last two years.
The signal this year was as clear as the signal in 2008 – and completely contrary.
Then, it was: We want more government to protect us.
Now, it is: We don’t want that much government.
Elections are won – and lost – in the middle. We lost the middle.


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One comment on “Memo to Democrats

  1. dap916 says:

    Democrats lost because of the direction the leadership within the democratic party wanted to take us in. Your “Elections are won – lost – in the middle…” is just one more excuse, Gary. Obama and the mainstream democratic leadership’s actions in the past two years lost this election for you…nothing more, nothing less. The mainstream people in America weren’t fooled. I wonder if you were, to be honest.

    The “middle” had nothing to do with it. Sorry to so adamantly disagree with you, my man.

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