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The Democrats have gotten plenty fired up about the ‘Moral Monday’ protests down at the state legislature – even an old war horse like Gary, catching a whiff of grapeshot in the air, rode to the sound of the guns, defending the protestors from a broadside by Governor McCrory.
But, in another way, all this consternation seems out of place – the protests may have ignited the imaginations of political insiders but they don’t really seem to have caught the imagination of the man on the street. Instead of protests filled with high drama – like fire hoses and clashes with police – every Monday the protestors politely line up, blocking the huge metal doors into the State House and State Senate, then the Capital Police politely carry them away one by one, book ‘em, then let ‘em go.
No harm’s done. No one suffers. And everyone goes on about their business.
In addition while the demonstrators are chanting away decrying the foibles of Republican politicians, the lead protestor (leading the chants) is the one of the most colorful demagogues to come down the pike in North Carolina in years – the Reverend William Barber. North Carolina’s answer to Al Sharpton.
As a firer of broadsides Reverend Barber is second to no one – but as the face and voice of a political movement he leaves something to be desired.
The Republican’s best response to the “Moral Monday” protests isn’t to start firing back – it’s simpler: Just go on being courteous.


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4 comments on “Making Legislators Look Reasonable

  1. dap916 says:

    That’s absolutely fabulous advice, Carter. If republicans do anything else, the press will go ballistic. The “Moral Monday” protests will eventually go the way most “organized” protests by democrats go…they’ll just fade away. The perfect example is the “occupy Wall Street” debacle.

  2. Choo says:

    Gary needs to help that crowd get some better outsiders. We have not seen any push back by those being arrested. The occupy crowd could create a much better disturbance. No animal blood thrown on cop cars, no tents pitched, nothing that fits, “if it bleeds it leads”. Some of the blame needs to be on Gary’s side for being too peaceful. Where’s the weed.

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