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Governor McCrory may have coal ash on his hands, but I bet most voters have education on their minds. So, does focusing on the Dan River disaster distract Democrats from a stronger issue?
The spill is a tempting target. There’s the McCrory-Duke tie. You can tell the Governor is sensitive about it. When he says we should “keep the politics out,” that’s code for: This will hurt me politically.
Then the N&O reported: “McCrory seemed miffed that he is receiving a good bit of the scrutiny because of his three-decade tenure at Duke Energy.” He said, “It’s as though I actually went there with a shovel. I’m waiting for that accusation.”
Then there’s DENR’s emphasis on being “customer friendly” to companies like Duke.
Then Duke’s CEO picks the worst possible time to say that customers will pay for the cleanup.
But the Elon Poll noted this week that, even after the flood (so to speak) of coverage, 64 percent of North Carolina’s registered voters “said they had heard little or nothing about the spill.”
Remember: Real people aren’t nearly as consumed with these things as we junkies are.
But education is different. Voters are paying a lot of attention to that. They know what the Republicans have done, and they don’t like it.
That’s why McCrory was backing away from his record on education even faster than from Duke. He admitted that the misnamed “teacher tenure law” needs to be changed. And Rep. Chuck McGrady admits that legislators are getting an earful about education at home.
The coal ash story will play out for a long time. Give that fish some line. And keep reeling in education.


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2 comments on “It’s the Schools, Stupid

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to boil your presentation here down a bit. It’s actually just a message to democrats in North Carolina on how you, Gary, think democratic politicians and their minions should go about campaigning this year.

    In a nutshell, it’s this: “Hey Democrats, the coal ash disaster can’t be tied to McCrory or republicans and hasn’t resonated with voters and in many ways the causes of it date back to when democrats were in the majority in our state. But, banging and banging and banging away on how horrible McCrory and the republicans have been in their treatment of teachers resonates more with the voters. So, stay with that and forget about this coal ash thingy”.

    That about it, Mr. Pearce? Well, I believe that a great many voters in our state are aware that schools suffered dearly under the previous democratic rule for a very long time in our state and I think they also know that McCrory is working on making our state’s education better along with helping our teachers. Yeah, yeah…I’ve read all the spin democrats are putting out there…some of it you’ve actually regurgitated right here on the TAP front page. But, it doesn’t hold water and like it or not, North Carolina voters are smarter than you think they are.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Gov needs to hire a Democrat consultant to teach him to lie. Democrats are so good at disguising legislation in a name. Mislead the people, name laws different from what they do, all a much better game plan. Who better to learn from.

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