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Our President praised the President of Iraq and urged Iraq’s new Prime Minister-to-be to bring Iraqis together and ‘form an inclusive new government.’
Which sure sounds fine.
Except for one hitch.
In New York City ‘inclusive’ means bringing together diverse ethnic groups and minorities in homogenized harmony, but in Iraq it means getting your enemy alone in a room where you stick a knife in him.


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2 comments on “Inclusive

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Inclusive”. The left can come up with some of the best words to make people think they’re so “just” and “correct” and “unbiased”….shall I go on? Inclusive to the liberal/progressive crowd means the following things: It means that you are accepted if you believe in only what they believe in. 1) abortion should be accepted even if you have a religious belief against it. 2) religious beliefs are for people that believe in a fairy tail and making laws that honor people’s religious beliefs is against the “church & state” provisions of the constitution. 3) marriage should be between ANY two people…. 4) everyone and anyone that wants to come into our country should be able to do so because America is so rich and we accept people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds, regardless of their intentions or history. 5) Wealthy white people got that way on the backs of minorities (mostly blacks) and because of that, a big portion of that wealth should be taken away and given to the “less fortunate” in our country 6) It is a tragedy and should be unconstitutional that the SCOTUS said that corporations have a legitimate right to donate to political efforts just like a person has that right but it is perfectly fine that unions have that same right (even without membership authorization).

    I could go on and on. The point is that liberal democrats are anything BUT “inclusive”. They only accept people that accept and believe in their particular way of thinking.

    So, in my view, using the word “inclusive” is ridiculous because it means many things to many different people.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ouch, that sounds like it could hurt

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