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Poor Cal Cunningham; the young man has had so much ‘humbling’ lately if he wasn’t a politician he might be facing the possibility of sainthood.
First, before he announced he was running for Senate, he said he’d been ‘humbled’ by how many folks wanted him to run. Then, after he declared he was running, he announced he was ‘humbled’ and ‘overwhelmed’ by how many people were celebrating (having the opportunity to vote for him).
He actually quoted four of them in his first post-announcement email: a veteran saying what a relief Cunningham’s running is to veterans, a fellow saying Cunningham’s North Carolina’s future and Erin from Chapel Hill – who must think politics is like football – saying, “Go, Cal, go.”
This is an example of a young politician pounding himself on the back then dressing all boasting up by saying how humbled he is to be anointed political savior – and, in the end, all it really accomplishes is leaving you wondering if young Mr. Cunningham thinks the average guy is a complete, gullible fool.



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